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Warm strip wax, hot non strip wax and threading hair removal 

Skin Care


Warm waxing using antiseptic tea tree creme wax for hygienic hair removal and to minimise the risk of ingrown hairs. Areas available include (but are not limited to): 


Half Leg Wax £21
Three Quarter Leg Wax £26
Full Leg Wax £30
Bikini Wax £13
High Leg Bikini Wax £15
Underarm Wax £13 (£11 alongside other wax service in the same appointment)
Forearm Wax £18
Full Arm Wax £22
Nose Wax £10
Eyebrow £10
Upper Lip or Chin Wax £10
Eyebrow and Upper Lip Wax £17
Upper Lip and Chin Wax £17
Eyebrow, Upper Lip and Chin £21
Lower Back Wax £17
Full Leg and Bikini Wax £38
Full Leg and High Bikini Wax £40
Full Leg and Brazilian Wax £51
Full Leg and Hollywood £54
½ Leg and Bikini Wax £30
½ Leg and High Bikini Wax £32
½ Leg and Brazilian Wax £44
½ Leg and Hollywood £48

Intimate Waxing uses a combination of warm wax and hot film wax (for more sensitive or intimate areas) to provide the safest, most effective hair removal.


Brazilian £28

A 'landing strip' is left on the pubic mound and underneath and all other hair removed 


Playboy £30

All hair is removed underneath with a narrow strip left only on the pubic mound 


Hollywood £32 

All hair is removed everywhere in the intimate area 



Threading is an ancient manual technique to remove hair using a loop of twisted antibacterial thread to trap the unwanted hair and pull from the root. Re-growth is similar to that of waxing but some prefer the results from threading for more defined brows. It is also suitable for clients who react to the heat of wax on their face, leaving the skin less red after a threading treatment than waxing. 

Areas include but are not limited to:


Eyebrows £ 10

Upper Lip or Chin £ 10

Jaw Line or Sides of Face £ 10

Combine any two areas £ 17

Combine any three areas £ 21

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