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This exclusive range of target treatments has been designed by our therapists to deliver the perfect results driven treatments for men. They focus on four key areas; problem solving, improving appearance, reducing stress and assisting grooming.

Applying Face Mask

Hair Removal

Back or Chest Wax £23
Hair removal on either the back or chest.
Combined price for both is £42

One area (25 minutes) 

Ear Hair Trimming and Waxing £10
This effective hair removal helps to prevent bristly hairs caused by tweezing and is much safer than self shaving. Using hot film wax, we remove those annoying unwanted hairs from around the outer opening of the ear canal and the lobe of the ear.

(15 minutes)

Nose Wax £10
Coarse hairs are safely removed from the outer nostril area, while still protecting the necessary hairs in the upper nose. 

(15 minutes) 


Eyebrow Tidy £10
Using waxing, tweezing and trimming to tidy the brows.

(10 minutes) 

Two areas Eyebrow/ Nose / Ears £17,  Three Areas £24


Hands and Feet
Manicure for Men £22
For neater nails and smoother calluses. Includes nail trim and shape, cuticle tidy, buff, smoothing of calluses and hand massage. 

(30 minutes) 

Pedicure for Men £28

Using Footlogix products to smooth rough heels and repair the damage caused by ill fitting shoes and sports activities. Includes toenail file, tidy and cuticle work.

(40 minutes) 

Face and Body

Face and Body treatments for Gentlemen are suggested in, but not limited to, the list below. You could choose any treatment from our full menu or add any bolt on mini treatment to the following: 


Signature Mini Facial for Men £32

A mini facial that is tailored to suit all your skin needs. This is perfect for those with little spare time or as an introduction to skincare. The treatment includes the essential facial skincare stages of cleansing, exfoliation, treatment mask, serum and moisturise, with products to assist sensitive skin caused by shaving.
(30 minutes)

Signature Facial for Men £47

We select key products from our favourite ranges to create a facial unique to your skin. We understand the needs of the skin can change from season to season and with other external factors, so we apply what your skin needs on the day. 

The skin is deep cleansed, exfoliated, treatment with specific serums and mask applied, all to assist sensitive skin caused by shaving. A full massage of the shoulders, decollete, neck, scalp, face and eyes, hot towels, eye cream and moisturise.  

(50 minutes)


Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage for Men £31
The classic massage therapy with an adjustable pressure for problem areas. Book as an all over relaxing treatment or to focus on specific areas of tension.  

(30 minutes) 


Bespoke Fusion Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage for Men £34

Our signature advanced massage with a deeper pressure. Your therapist will listen to your concerns and then, armed with their skills and experience of Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian, Shiatsu Tranquility, Sports Therapy and Myofascial Release techniques, will create a unique sequence for you.

(30 minutes)


Bespoke Fusion Extended Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage for Men £42

An extension of the back, neck and shoulder massage to allow for more time in problem areas. 

(40 minutes)


Relaxing Shoulder and Scalp Massage £31

An upper body massage, focusing on the upper arms, shoulders, upper back, neck, scalp and hair. Ideal for tense shoulders, those who are seated for long hours or if you are suffering with tension headaches. Not a fan of oils in the hair? Ask for our deep conditioning mud as a hair treatment mask instead.
(30 minutes)

Express Reflexology for Mental Clarity £31

Focusing on clearing brain fog, the feeling of being overwhelmed and the stress of everyday life, so you can focus on having a more productive day and getting a good nights sleep

(30 minutes)

Tired Legs Treatment £31

Do you play a sport and suffer with tired, aching legs? Exfoliation to lower leg and foot followed by massage techniques to reduce fluid retention, puffiness and improve circulation and drainage 

(30 minutes)


Hopi Ear Candles Treatment £31

Hollow candles are applied to the ear to create a suction of air infused with herbs and essential oils. This stress relieving treatment has balancing effects for tinnitus, sinusitis, hay fever and rhinitis, excessive ear wax, colds, sore throats, tension headaches, travel sickness and general hearing loss. The candles help draw out blockages and impurities, creating a warming massaging effect.
(30 minutes)


Male Teens

Male Teens Facial and Cleansing Lesson £32

This facial is also a demonstration and lesson in how to take care of young skins. It includes cleanse, gentle exfoliation, mask, moisturise, mini massage and an education on the importance of cleansing daily to remove sweat and dirt, to avoid congestion and blemishes.

(30 minutes)

Male Teens Brow Tidy £10

Using waxing, tweezing and trimming to tidy the brows

Male Teens Tired Leg Treatment £31

Do you play a sport and suffer with tired, aching legs? This lower leg and foot massage works to reduce fluid retention, puffiness and improve circulation and drainage, relieving tired, aching feet. 

(30 minutes)

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