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Nouveau Lashes enhance your own lashes in the most natural looking way. The extensions provide twenty-four hour longer, thicker lashes that can last up to two months. The lashes are weightless and will not cause any damage to your own lashes.

The Individual Lash is applied to each of your own lashes, enhancing what you already have to give a volumised, darker and longer look to frame the eyes.

XD Volume Lashes are groups of 2-6 individual lashes formed in to a fan, with the weight reduced the larger the fan so that your own eyelash is able to support the extension without trauma. This method provides thicker, fluffier lashes for a strip lash effect.




Please state whether you would like Individual Lashes or XD Volume Lashes when booking your appointment

Full Set (50 Minutes) £56.00
Maximum Volume Full Set (90 Minutes) £88.00
Outer Edges (35 Minutes) £39.00
Regular Infills (15 Minutes)
(Individual only, not available for XD Lashes) £15.00
Booster Infills (30 Minutes) £29.00
Removal with Collagen Treatment (20 Minutes) £18.00

Available in various lengths and volume. Infills are required to maintain your lashes. Please ask your therapist for more information.

Once bonded, the lashes have a strong hold on the natural lashes and only usually come away as the natural lashes shed over time. If you decide the lashes are no longer for you, it is important to make a return appointment for a safe removal without pulling the natural lashes away. The Nouveau Lashes are released with a specially formulated remover and the lashes are treated with a collagen lotion to leave them conditioned and healthy.

A patch test is required before treatment commences.

Please remove all mascara before arriving for any eye treatment.