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Medik8 - The philosophy behind Medik8 is CSA to achieve Beautiful Skin for Life. CSA represents:
Vitamin C in the morning
Sunscreen every day
Vitamin A at night

It's never too late to start your skincare journey. We've chosen Medik8 because the products are anti-ageing for any aged skin, treating multiple skin conditions, backed by proven research and skin trials with only high quality skincare ingredients. They are a British made, environmentally friendly brand with a mission to achieve zero waste by 2023 and 100% vegan whilst supporting a worldwide ban on animal testing.

Medik8 has a skincare system for everyone and believes you shouldn't have to compromise experience in order to achieve results. Therefore, their products offer beautiful textures and natural scents, in order to provide a more enjoyable skincare regime. The products are very competitive in price against other salon brands and you get so much more for your money. As you can tell, we are very excited to be working with such a wonderful brand.

Ask your therapist about our new Medik8 Product Loyalty Scheme

Spa Find Sea Magik- Natural Mineral Based Skincare for the perfect nourishing and relaxing experience.

If you are unsure of which facial may be best for you either take a look at our descriptions or speak to one of our therapists about a free skincare consultation.
All of our 60 minute facials include a massage to the shoulders, neck, decollete, face and scalp.
See our Mini Treatments Page for suggested bolt-ons to upgrade your facial

We truly care about our users & end product which is why our customers love us!.
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    Signature Mini Facial
    A mini facial that is tailored to suit all your skin needs. This is perfect for those with little spare time or as an introduction to skincare. (30 minutes)
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    Signature 45 min Facial
    All the benefits of the hour Signature Facial below but designed for the time conscious guest. It involves less massage and the mask is left on for a slightly shorter length of time (45 minutes)
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    Signature 1hr Facial
    We select key products from our favourite ranges to create a facial unique to your skin. The skin is deep cleansed, exfoliated, treatment with specific serums and mask, full massage of the shoulders, decollete, neck, scalp, face and eyes, hot towels, eye cream and moisturise (60 minutes)
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    Deep Cleanse Extraction Facial
    Ideal for congested skin with a deep cleanse, exfoliation and steam. It also includes gentle extraction to encourage the release of blocked pores. (30 minutes)
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    Teen Facial and Cleansing Lesson
    A gentle cleansing facial with exfoliation, face mask to draw out impurities, hot mitts to remove the mask and a light moisturiser. During the treatment we answer questions about their skincare regime and explain the importance of cleansing thoroughly and how to remove make up each day (30 minutes)
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    Spa Find Exquisite Eyes Treatment
    A natural anti-ageing eye treatment, targeting fine lines and wrinkles as well as combating dark circles and puffiness. Immediate results can be seen with this treatment and skin is left feeling nourished and soft. This exceptional eye treatment combines the powerful effects of Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts to refine fine lines, tone and increase cell regeneration. (30 minutes)
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    Spa Find Renewed Radiance Hydrating Mud Facial
    This deeply hydrating facial is perfect for delicate mature and dehydrated skins, helping to gently renew and revive skin. The VMS Complex in the products used helps to smooth fine lines and prevent further skin ageing by treating both the surface and deeper skin tissues. (60 minutes)

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    Spa Find Balanced Beauty Deep Cleansing Mud Facial
    A deep cleansing facial perfect for those with an oily t-zone or combination skin. A mineral mud mask is applied to deep cleanse the pores. The highly concentrated minerals used in this treatment normalise skin pH to reveal a healthy, clear complexion. (60 minutes)
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    Spa Find Youthful You Algimud Anti-Ageing Facial
    This luxury anti-ageing facial treatment brings immediate firming and hydrating results to the skin. Your face is then cocooned in the active ingredients of the specialised Algimud seaweed mask, formulated to refine, tone and produce instant results. (60 minutes)

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    Spa Find Fingertip Facelift
    ​​​​​​​This hands-on results driven face lifting treatments involves drainage massage, pressure points and firm lifting massage as opposed to any machines. It incorporates principles of Chinese Acupressure, Ayurveda and Reiki and includes the Spa Find Algimud lifting mask to complete the treatment. (60 minutes)​​​​​
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    Pre and Post Treatment Guidance:
    Advanced Facials Pre and Post Treatment Guidance:
    Skin Peels
    (additional notes for microdermabrasion and skin peel)
    LED Light Therapy

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Microdermabrasion is commonly used to treat and diminish:
Fine lines and wrinkles, Sun-damaged skin, Acne prone skin, Blackheads and whiteheads, Superficial age spots, Hyperpigmentation, Oily skin, and Dry or patchy skin. The dermagenesis Medical microdermabrasion machine offers a powerful skin renewal treatment.



Microdermabrasion Facial £58
Skin is cleansed and prepped, followed by Microdermabrasion to the face, concentrating on areas discussed in your initial consultation. A replenishing face mask is applied to soothe the skin, followed by a shoulder massage and application of serums, moisturiser and sun protector. (45 minutes)
Microdermabrasion Mini Treatment £36
Skin is cleansed followed by the microdermabrasion treatment to the face or selected area of the body, followed by application of moisturiser and sun protector. (20 minutes)
Skin Peels
Our Skin Peels offer a step programme for peel clients to start at a level suitable for your skin, and build up to maximise effects. The homecare products to complement your peels are prescribed to you by a qualified therapist to suit your skin condition and requirements. We offer free consultations for all skin peels to discuss your requirements.
Face Peel
Face Peel Advanced Level
The face peel selected to suit your skin complaints. Includes a mask and shoulder massage to make this medical treatment more relaxing. The advanced level is the peel you may only progress to following treatment with the standard peel (45 minutes)
Chest or Back Peel £42
Choose chest or back to treat blemishes or extreme dry skin, includes a mini massage with specialist serums to boost skin renewal. (30 minutes)
Microdermabrasion with Face Peel Combined £89
The most intensive face treatment for more clinical results. A Skin Peel combined with a full face Microdermabrasion treatment, followed by a marine face mask, shoulder massage and finally application of moisturiser and sun protector. By combining the two treatments on the same visit you save over 20% on the usual price! (60 minutes)

LED Light Therapy Facials
An opera style mask is placed on the face using a combination of visible light (red or blue) and invisible infra-red LED light therapy. Receive the red light to stimulate cell activity, skin renewal and collagen production for plumper, more youthful looking skin. It gives the overall appearance of more consistent skincolouration and even complexion. Receive the blue light for healing and to kill bacteria for conditions such as acne, blemishes, inflammatory skin conditions and acne scarring. It is also possible to combine both lights simultaneously in one treatment.
LED Light Therapy Facial £32
The treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, LED mask in the light suited to yours skin complaint, serum and moisturise. (30 minutes)
LED Light Therapy Upgrade £22
Upgrade any facial to include the LED Light Therapy Mask at the reduced price

EMS Face Toning
The EMS Face Toning is a function of the LED Light Therapy Mask system to tone the muscles and re-educate them. By creating a series of sustained contractions, it exercises the facial muscles in the same way you would exercise your body at the gym. The results are increased blood flow to the area, improved skin tone, improved muscle tone and strength, stimulation of fibroblasts and stimulation of collagen for an anti-ageing facial treatment.
LED Light Therapy Facial with EMS Facial Toning £38
The machine allows us to combine the two treatments simultaneously for the ultimate facial. (35 minutes)

See also Microneedling page for our most advanced skin treatment yet

Homecare Products -Creating an at home regime is important to create value for money with your facial treatment programme. Everything you do at home can complement (or quickly undo!) what we achieve for you within the salon.
You wouldn't visit a dentist and not brush your teeth in between and similarly true skin health requires consistency.
We understand it's a minefield and we appreciate everyone will have a varied budget and time to dedicate, so speak to us today about how we can help you achieve your best skin from within.

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