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Today's announcement - good news
Today it was announced all other Beauty services can resume from 1st August 🥳
They have also said guidelines will not be released until next week, so we're not sure what conditions apply and will hold back from taking bookings until we have seen them.

We can, however, get you patch tested in preparation for your tinting or lash lift service as soon as possible now that we expect it to be within the next few weeks.

Due to the length of time we were closed for lockdown and the side effects covid-19 can cause, we will need to re-test everybody before tinting and lash lifting services. Please call or message to book your patch test. This can be fairly last minute and on-the-day but we cannot currently accept walk ins because we want to ensure social distancing in the corridor and stairway.

If you have not registered interest for a face/eye treatment and would like to, please let us know so we can add you to the appointment list. We will work our way through the list as soon as we have the guidelines. We will be in touch as soon as we know more Thank you
Hello Everyone!
It was announced yesterday that we are allowed to reopen from Monday 13th July! This is great news, however, it does come with some restrictions.
We are not currently allowed to offer any treatments involving the face or head (which includes but is not limited to eyebrow shaping, facial waxing/threading, lash tinting, lash lift, facials, microdermabrasion, skin peels, microneedling, Indian head massage and ear candles).

As a result of this we will start by working restricted hours, because pre-lockdown these treatments made up 65% of all bookings. We are feeling optimistic that the restrictions, particularly for eyebrows, may not be in place for too long. When barbers and hairdressers opened on Saturday 4th July they were not allowed to carry out beard trims, but new guidelines state they will be allowed to do this from Monday 13th. We hope that some of these treatments will follow suit just as quickly. We can only hope.

We are ready, we are covid-secure, clean and good to go. I have listed some new guidelines below. If anybody has any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are currently working our way through the call lists and will get back to you as soon as possible. If we do not answer please leave a message and we will return every call. To book your appointment please email or call 01245 471888 (the phone is diverted) and we hope to hear from you soon. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support

New Salon Guidelines For your safety:
* Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell or any member of your household is unwell or self-isolating
* Please enter only at your exact appointment time. Too early may mean there are other clients on the premises, too late may mean your treatment can no longer go ahead due to additional cleaning times between appointments
* On arrival you will be escorted straight to treatment room
* Please wash your hands on arrival (use the single use towels provided)
* We will provide water in disposable cups, please note hot drinks are temporarily unavailable
* No food allowed * Please arrive alone for your appointment
* Please limit the personal belongings you bring with you
* Staff will wear PPE as per the government guidelines
* Please alert us if you need to use the toilet facilities so we can ensure a deep clean after every use
* We have increased the value for contactless payment transactions
* We have limited visitors so nobody passes in the waiting area or on the stairs
We are carrying out thorough cleaning between clients
* We are keeping treatment rooms well ventilated between appointments
* We are minimising your contact between different staff members during your visit
* We ask that you call ahead for last minute appointments to reduce footfall and eliminate walk in appointments at this time
* We are temporarily unable to offer any facial treatments including tinting, lash lift, eyebrow shaping, facial threading/waxing, cluster lashes, facials, peels, microdermabrasion and microneedling. We will inform you when these restrictions are lifted.

What the staff are doing for the safety of both the clients and other employees:
* Staggering shift start times * Keeping up to date records to assist NHS Track and Trace requests
* Frequent hand washing before, during and after treatment (as always)
* Eliminating the switching of treatment rooms throughout the day
* Minimising how frequently equipment is shared between workers
* Using disposable items where possible and ensuring non disposable items are sanitised between clients
* Avoiding over running of appointments
* Minimising the use of the waiting area
* Maintaining social distancing between staff
* Staff are provided with PPE including visors, gloves and masks where required
* Changing the PPE frequently * Avoiding touching their faces
* Allowing adequate cleaning time between appointments
* Sanitising high touch areas between every appointment (including but not limited to the treatment bed, nail desks and chairs, door handles, light switches, tools, equipment, products, trolleys, floors)
* Avoiding skin to skin contact with colleagues
* Staggering breaks to avoid contact
* Minimising the volume of deliveries
* Minimising person to person contact when accepting deliveries
* Engaging only in remote team meetings via video call
* Increasing frequency of removing waste from the premises
* Restocking when the premises is empty
* Staff have completed additional Covid-19 and Sterilisation training courses throughout lockdown in addition to pre-opening Just Pampered training, to ensure we are confident we are adhering to the government guidelines.
We (Still) Miss You All
Hello to all of our wonderful clients It's been over 100 days since we closed our doors in preparation for lockdown and I don't think any of us thought it would be for quite this long when we all said goodbye. I think we expected that by the 100 day mark we would either be open or have a date to re-open.

Last week it was announced that hairdressers can return on 4th July but unfortunately not beauty salons, nail bars, massage, holistic therapy or spas. We know this created some confusion. We believe this is due to us being in close proximity and also being face to face for the majority of the time (while hairdressers are mostly facing the back of the client). We respect the decision of the government but are frustrated that we have no target date or anything to be aiming for at the moment.

We wish we could tell you more but we truly just do not know any more than you. Our Beauty Councils and professional bodies are currently seeking clarification and a road map for planned opening. Please be assured that as soon as we hear anything we will be in touch. Behind the scenes we have assessed the risks and made appropriate changes to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff. We will release our new guidelines for visitors once the government have concluded what we need to do, but at this stage I am confident we have gone over and above what is currently required of us.

We don't just 'do' beauty
We have built such a relationship with you over the years and it feels so much more than just 'doing' beauty. We've shared so many moments with you, celebrated through engagements and weddings, comforted you through grief and heartache and been there to help you switch off for a moment when life becomes too much. We've received such lovely comments and are grateful to you all. Survey Thank you to everybody who took part in our survey last month. It has really helped us gauge what you are all thinking and will help us to create a return to work staff rota at the beginning. We have taken on board all of your comments and will address each of them before re-opening.

One comment was mentioned twice regarding our entrance and whether it was a shared entrance with the Barber Shop. We need to clarify, we have always had our own separate entrance at the back of the building. While the Barbers have always been happy for our customers to use their entrance in the past, we must stress that this will not be an option when we return due to managing foot traffic and keeping everyone safe. Visitors must enter through the Just Pampered entrance at the back of the building so we can maintain social distancing and prevent traffic through the other businesses.

We have added the names of everybody who asked to be added to our booking list on the survey. If you would still like to take part the survey is currently still open. The link to the survey is HERE. (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TVFBLQL)

Gift Vouchers:Gift vouchers are currently open ended and would not have expired while we are closed. Once we have an official date, we will reset all vouchers for a further six months from this point, so you all have plenty of time to use them when you feel ready.
Products: If anybody would like to stock up on products at this time please get in touch and we will arrange this for you with free local delivery. We thank you all for your continued support. We will be in touch soon Kind regards The Just Pampered Team
Hello everyone
It's hard to believe we're into June already and heading towards our review date for re-opening.

Some of you may have seen some businesses are advertising that they are taking bookings from 4th July - we have decided for the moment we will not take any bookings until 4th July is a confirmed date. The government have already pushed the review date back from 21 days to 28 days, taking us potentially to 25th June before a decision is made, so while we are hoping for 4th July this is currently not guaranteed. We will keep checking for government updates and open our diary as soon as we know we have a definite opening date.

Behind the scenes we are doing everything we can to ensure the salon is safe for both staff and visitors but we are yet to receive official guidelines. At this point we do not know if there are certain treatment restrictions or what the new conditions will involve, so we want to avoid booking appointments to then potentially have to reschedule again.

We know some of you will want to come and see us straight away and others would rather wait. We completely understand. To help us gain an idea of your requests and concerns, we'd be really grateful if you have the time to complete a short survey. The link to the survey is HERE.
In the meantime we wish you all well and want to assure you all staff are safe and well too. We take hygiene and safety very seriously and will ensure measures are in place to protect us all.

You will see on the survey, we have stated we will be giving priority bookings to all clients who have had their appointments cancelled over the past few months. We understand some of these appointments were booked for a special occasion and may no longer be necessary. If you would like to be added to our priority contact list, please leave your name on the survey (last question) so we can offer a booking to you as soon as we know more.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages over the last few months. It has truly been a strange time for us all and your words of encouragement have kept us going. Our inbox is always open for anyone who has any questions or concerned.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are currently open ended and would not have expired while we are closed. Once we have an official date, we will reset all vouchers for a further six months from this point, so you all have plenty of time to use them when you feel ready.

Fake Bake
We have a link here to some of our most loved fake bake products, including Fake Bake Flawless which is currently on offer. This is our most user friendly, streak free tan for anyone who feels they might like a little feel-good pamper. To see the products please click HERE.

A message from The Barber Shop
Rachel from The Barber Shop, 19 Church Street, has asked us to let you all know they will be operating on an appointment only basis when they return, for safety reasons. Please could you pass the message on to anybody you know who uses their services.
Please call her on 07391286355 to book an appointment from 4th July.

We will be in touch soon
Kind regards
The Just Pampered Team
Following the announcement we can now confirm we will not be re-opening before 4th July and this date is currently conditional to the previous steps. While we are so grateful for the love and support, we are pleased with the decision that our industry is not returning just yet because we know in our heart of hearts it is not safe to do so and safety remains a priority for us. All appointments before 4th July have been removed from the diary but we know exactly who was booked and where, so we can contact you all when we have a date closer to the time to offer a rebook. You are welcome to contact us at any stage with your questions and we will answer them as best we can. The staff are furloughed so please bear with us during this time as response may be a little slower. Take care.
As of Saturday 21st March we are closed due to Covid-19. We are checking emails regularly, so if you have a query please email beauty@justpampered.co.uk. Please note the main phone line is not currently monitored regularly, so please call or text 07570493774 for any urgent queries
Stay well, stay home, stay safe
Our policy has always been and always will be that our therapists clean their hands thoroughly before and after every treatment and we have always had high hygiene standards due to the nature of our work.

We want to reassure our clients that additional cleaning and hygiene procedures have been set in place in between clients, on top of our already strict protocols. As always, all towels from the bed are laundered after every client and surfaces are sanitised regularly.
Whilst we understand clients concerns regarding COVID-19, please rest assured that we are taking every step to protect ourselves and clients.

We ask all visitors to please wash their hands on arrival to the salon. If you are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of the virus, we respectfully ask that you reschedule your appointment and do not come into the salon until a later date.
Thank you for reading and for your continued support in helping Just Pampered provide the safest environment for our staff and customers.
Half price underarm wax with any other service.
Did you know that when you wax your underarms the hairs appear finer and does not leave a shadow or dark stubble when it grows back? If you have always shaved, the hairs may not all be removed on the first wax and you will notice some hairs regrowing quickly. Once the hairs are in a similar growth cycle, you will notice the area is hair free for longer.
It can take a few waxes to notice longer lasting results, which is why now is the best time to start in preparation for Summer.
Usually £10, now £5

£5 Voucher with every Spray Tan
Brighten your day and prep for your spring wardrobe the safe way, with a fast and easy spray tan for an instant glow. Book a spray tan in March and receive a £5 voucher towards any other service.
Crazy Angel £22, Fake Bake £25
Spa Find Double Mud Facial
A hydrating facial for tired, dull and sallow skins, for instant revival and plenty of massage for relaxation
Treatment Time: 70 mins
Usually: £58
Offer Price: £52

Pregnancy Face and Body Treatment
A new addition to our Maternity range, including back exfoliation, full body maternity massage, feet treat and a facial
Treatment Time: 90 minutes
Usually: £65
Introductory Price: £55

New Mum Face and Body Treatment
A new addition to our Maternity range, to give some love and attention to your body after baby is born. Full body exfoliation, body massage, scalp massage, collagen treatment for tummy and a facial
Treatment Time: 90 minutes
Usually: £65
Introductory Price: £55
Free Consultations
We understand if you have never experienced a treatment before you will naturally have questions to ask. There is lots of information on each treatment page of the website describing the processes before, during and after treatments but if you still have questions we are happy to take the time to explain during a consultation over the phone or in person.

Collagen Pin Offer
For a limited time our Collagen Pin Microneedling is just £135. Purchase a course of three for £405 and receive a free 21 day skincare kit to enhance your results. Please speak to your therapist for more information.

Microdermabrasion Offer
Save on a course of three throughout January
Microdermabrasion Treatment (20 minutes) including cleanse, microdermabrasion, moisturise and SPF, £35 or course of three £93

Microdermabrasion Facial (45 minutes) including double cleanse, microdermabrasion, treatment mask, shoulder and neck massage, serum, moisturiser and SPF, £55 or course of three £147

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