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We (Still) Miss You All
Hello to all of our wonderful clients It's been over 100 days since we closed our doors in preparation for lockdown and I don't think any of us thought it would be for quite this long when we all said goodbye. I think we expected that by the 100 day mark we would either be open or have a date to re-open.

Last week it was announced that hairdressers can return on 4th July but unfortunately not beauty salons, nail bars, massage, holistic therapy or spas. We know this created some confusion. We believe this is due to us being in close proximity and also being face to face for the majority of the time (while hairdressers are mostly facing the back of the client). We respect the decision of the government but are frustrated that we have no target date or anything to be aiming for at the moment.

We wish we could tell you more but we truly just do not know any more than you. Our Beauty Councils and professional bodies are currently seeking clarification and a road map for planned opening. Please be assured that as soon as we hear anything we will be in touch. Behind the scenes we have assessed the risks and made appropriate changes to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff. We will release our new guidelines for visitors once the government have concluded what we need to do, but at this stage I am confident we have gone over and above what is currently required of us.

We don't just 'do' beauty
We have built such a relationship with you over the years and it feels so much more than just 'doing' beauty. We've shared so many moments with you, celebrated through engagements and weddings, comforted you through grief and heartache and been there to help you switch off for a moment when life becomes too much. We've received such lovely comments and are grateful to you all. Survey Thank you to everybody who took part in our survey last month. It has really helped us gauge what you are all thinking and will help us to create a return to work staff rota at the beginning. We have taken on board all of your comments and will address each of them before re-opening.

One comment was mentioned twice regarding our entrance and whether it was a shared entrance with the Barber Shop. We need to clarify, we have always had our own separate entrance at the back of the building. While the Barbers have always been happy for our customers to use their entrance in the past, we must stress that this will not be an option when we return due to managing foot traffic and keeping everyone safe. Visitors must enter through the Just Pampered entrance at the back of the building so we can maintain social distancing and prevent traffic through the other businesses.

We have added the names of everybody who asked to be added to our booking list on the survey. If you would still like to take part the survey is currently still open. The link to the survey is HERE. (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TVFBLQL)

Gift Vouchers:Gift vouchers are currently open ended and would not have expired while we are closed. Once we have an official date, we will reset all vouchers for a further six months from this point, so you all have plenty of time to use them when you feel ready.
Products: If anybody would like to stock up on products at this time please get in touch and we will arrange this for you with free local delivery. We thank you all for your continued support. We will be in touch soon Kind regards The Just Pampered Team

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