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April is Stress Awareness Month
We present to you some of our favourite treatments to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and promote calm and tranquility

Relaxing Head Massage
If you hold tension towards the neck and shoulders or suffer with headaches, this treatment is a great stress reliever for you. This is carried out laying down, cocooned in a blanket. It includes decollete (as tension in the shoulders can affect posture and lead to tightness across this area too), upper arms, shoulders, upper back and backs of the shoulders, neck area, into the scalp and finally pressure points on the face.
Treatment Time: 30 minutes, Usual Treatment Price: £24.50, Special Offer Price save 15%: £20.50

Hot Stones Back Massage
Intensive massage therapy using heated basalt stones to warm the muscular tissues, providing deeper movements for a more relaxing experience
Treatment Time: 40 minutes, Usual Treatment Price: £39, Special Offer Price save 15%: £33

Pressure point therapy to the soles of the feet, with to soothe symptoms of common ailments including stress, anxiety, insomnia and more
Total Treatment Time: 50 minutes, Usual Treatment Price: £35.50, Special Offer Price save 15%: £30

Spa Find Dead Sea Bath Salts 1kg now only £7
100% natural mineral bath salts to deeply relax the mind and body whilst naturally healing and hydrating the skin.
(subject to availability)

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