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Sunday Dates
Our Sunday Opening is as follows:
Sunday 14th August
Sunday 28th August
Sunday 11th September
Sunday 25th September
And in the same fortnightly pattern thereafter

Last Minute Appointments
We post our last minute spaces of the day on our WhatsApp statuses when a large gap arise through unforeseen circumstances. To view this, simply add our Salon Mobile Number 07570493774 to your contacts in your phone, then when you go on to your WhatsApp app, click 'Status'

We will always do our best to accommodate, so if you do not see a status it is still worth sending a message and we will do whatever we can.

New Treatment Launching
Later this month, Just Pampered is launching a brand new treatment called Cryopen. We are very excited to be taking this on, to remove skin tags and minor lesions on the body and face. With the work we do, our customers often turn to us for advice on skin tags, lesions and pigmentation spots during a treatment.

We know that this is now considered a cosmetic procedure by, and no longer available through, the NHS. Our therapists have completed the training programme required and have the additional (not compulsory) training with MASCED for skin cancer awareness.

A full consultation is carried out before treatment and each booking includes a follow up visit. Cryopen can treat skin tags, pigmented areas, age spots, solar keratoses cherry spots, warts, verruca's and more. Launching in the salon soon, but you heard it here first!

Treatment Spotlight - Lash Lift
A lash lift is the perfect low maintenance lash treatment. Your lashes are lifted at the root to give a wide awake, lengthened appearance. Shields are used to achieve results of varying gradients and the process includes an eyelash tint. The results last between 8-12 weeks.

No need for extensions, mascara or maintenance, this is the perfect lash treatment for those on the go all the time or in advance of a holiday. In addition to saving time in your morning routine, the lash lift will give the appearance of thicker, fuller, longer lashes no matter the length of your lashes, plus a wide-awake, bright-eyed and youthful appearance. We love how natural-looking yet effective the lash lift treatment is.

Read more about why we love a lash lift in our blog HERE

Do you have any questions about a treatment? Please feel free to contact us via email or whatsapp at any time. If you prefer to call, please do leave a message and we will return your call when we are out of the treatment rooms.
When we are all in treatment, the phone will go to voicemail.

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  • Open 11th and 25th Feb, 10th and 24th March
  • Please check Google for any temporary adjustment from our usual hours
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