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Hello everyone
It's hard to believe we're into June already and heading towards our review date for re-opening.

Some of you may have seen some businesses are advertising that they are taking bookings from 4th July - we have decided for the moment we will not take any bookings until 4th July is a confirmed date. The government have already pushed the review date back from 21 days to 28 days, taking us potentially to 25th June before a decision is made, so while we are hoping for 4th July this is currently not guaranteed. We will keep checking for government updates and open our diary as soon as we know we have a definite opening date.

Behind the scenes we are doing everything we can to ensure the salon is safe for both staff and visitors but we are yet to receive official guidelines. At this point we do not know if there are certain treatment restrictions or what the new conditions will involve, so we want to avoid booking appointments to then potentially have to reschedule again.

We know some of you will want to come and see us straight away and others would rather wait. We completely understand. To help us gain an idea of your requests and concerns, we'd be really grateful if you have the time to complete a short survey. The link to the survey is HERE.
In the meantime we wish you all well and want to assure you all staff are safe and well too. We take hygiene and safety very seriously and will ensure measures are in place to protect us all.

You will see on the survey, we have stated we will be giving priority bookings to all clients who have had their appointments cancelled over the past few months. We understand some of these appointments were booked for a special occasion and may no longer be necessary. If you would like to be added to our priority contact list, please leave your name on the survey (last question) so we can offer a booking to you as soon as we know more.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages over the last few months. It has truly been a strange time for us all and your words of encouragement have kept us going. Our inbox is always open for anyone who has any questions or concerned.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are currently open ended and would not have expired while we are closed. Once we have an official date, we will reset all vouchers for a further six months from this point, so you all have plenty of time to use them when you feel ready.

Fake Bake
We have a link here to some of our most loved fake bake products, including Fake Bake Flawless which is currently on offer. This is our most user friendly, streak free tan for anyone who feels they might like a little feel-good pamper. To see the products please click HERE.

A message from The Barber Shop
Rachel from The Barber Shop, 19 Church Street, has asked us to let you all know they will be operating on an appointment only basis when they return, for safety reasons. Please could you pass the message on to anybody you know who uses their services.
Please call her on 07391286355 to book an appointment from 4th July.

We will be in touch soon
Kind regards
The Just Pampered Team

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