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Eyes on You Package - Definibrow and Eyelash Tint
Enhance your eyes with our combined Definibrow brow definition and Eyelash Tint treatments during February
*patch test required
Treatment Time: approx. 45 minutes
Usual Price: £20.50 + £12 = £32.50
Special Package Price: £28.50

Ache Away Leg and Hip Massage
One of our favourite massage treatments has had a revamp to include the Spa Find Ache Away muscle rub with eucalyptus. Stimulating massage to soothe aching, tired legs from sports, work or general fatigue
Treatment Time: 30 minutes
Usual Treatment Price: £25.50
Special Offer Price: £22.50

Alternative Back Massages
We’ve made a few changes to the following specialist back massages:
Lomi Lomi Back Massage, 40 minutes, £35.50
Deep Tissue Back Massage 30 minutes, £28.50
Deep Tissue Extended Back Massage, 40 minutes, £35.50
Save 10% on couples massage during February. Limited availability for Valentines Day. Why wait to be treated? Treat yourself and a friend!

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